About Greaterthan

Last updated 27 days ago

Greaterthan's mission is to provide digital tools and practices for next generation organizations to collaboratively manage money and resources. Our vision is for a world where places of work are communities and a source of agency, personal growth and purpose for people. We believe that this will contribute to a system where value exchange is in balance.

Money makes collaboration real.

To cope and thrive in today's rapidly changing environment, many organizations want to become more collaborative and human-centered. Our years of experience working in distributed networks has shown us that one of the hardest aspects of collaboration relates to money and resource management. It is also a powerful starting point for creating engagement and participation.

Greaterthan offers workshops, trainings and consulting for groups ready to learn how collaborative finance can work for them. Our team creates roadmaps to collaborative finance, while ensuring alignment with governance, decision making, culture and administration.

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